"From Twin Peaks, North" on display at Art Prize 2013

As a three week long competition held annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ArtPrize is the largest of its kind. I was among 1500 artists to showcase my work “From Twin Peaks, North.” This is my current largest scale drawing and took nearly a year to complete. Stretching slightly over 6 feet long and 3 feet tall, every inch of the image was closely rendered from a grid of photos I took on location. The artwork was documented as a time lapse video with alternating angles looping the entire year in 3 minutes. The video was on display along side the artwork for viewers to watch during the ArtPrize festivities. Though it is one of the highest points in San Francisco, it is often overlooked. The television tower on the left, Sutro Tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the Bay Area--something of a local inside joke, tourists may glance up and wonder about its purpose or location but forget it in favor of a more popular icon. In a city of infamously over captured landmarks, It often shows up accidentally in the background of vacation photos, but never as the focus.

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